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Frozen Shoulder and Back Pain is Killer

Why Someone Feel Frozen Shoulder? 🍂
In a normal shoulder, the upper arm, shoulder blade, and collarbone come together with the help of tendons and muscles called the shoulder capsule. Synovial fluid lubricates the capsule and the joints for easier movement.
In someone with frozen shoulder, though, the capsule thickens and becomes tight. Stiff tissues called adhesions develop, and generally, there is less synovial fluid. All of this combines to prevent movement in your shoulder with or without help.
With Frozen Shoulder, there are typically three stages:
1. Freezing Stage: Shoulder becomes increasingly painful, and you slowly lose range of motion. This usually occurs over 6 to 9 weeks.

2.Frozen Stage: This stage immediately follows the freezing stage and is usually less painful though the stiffness remains. This usually lasts roughly 4 to 6 months making daily activities very difficult.

3.Thawing Stage: This stage is where the shoulder slowly improves with either a complete return to normal or close to normal strength and motion. This usually takes anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to happen.
If you experience any of the symptoms described, doctors will likely perform a physical examination to test your active range of motion. They will also perform imaging tests like x-rays, MRIs, and ultrasounds to rule out other conditions or issues.
Some doctors will likely put you on anti-inflammatories or steroid injections in combination Accupunture therapy to reduce the pain and help to restore motion and block pain with long time and naturaly
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