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How does Acupuncture assist Infertility?
The causes of one person’s difficulty conceiving are inevitably complex. Diagnosing the individual pattern of disharmony responsible is at the heart of traditional acupuncture’s approach to treatment.
In order to arrive at an appropriate diagnosis the acupuncturist will usually take a full case history as well as using information gained from taking the pulse and looking at the tongue.
In TCM the radial artery pulse is taken on both wrists with the quality of the pulse being compared between the two wrists and at different distances from the wrist crease. The tongue displays significant variations in colour, shape, size and coating. TCM correlates these changes with disorders of different organs and body systems. These changes are then linked back to the individual’s disorders and treatment is devised accordingly.
An acupuncturist will make an individual diagnosis and select an appropriate combination of acupuncture points which may vary from week to week as the treatment progresses and according to the stage of the menstrual cycle. So one treatment may use points on the back, perhaps after the period, while another prior to the period may involve points on the hands and feet.
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