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Hormones and Acupuncture
Acupuncture is a natural method of restoring balance to the hormones, and researchers such as Dr. Q.W. Xie have documented the direct effects acupuncture has on hormonal production.
Acupuncture has none of the side-effects or toxicity found with Western medicinal approaches. For example, the synthetic hormones used for menopause in women are believed to result in the elevated risk of stroke, heart attacks, and diabetic. Some individuals simply cannot take the medication prescribed for their hormonal imbalances.
Acupuncture, on the other hand, is extremely safe, and some researchers report that it is more effective that Western hormone replacement therapies. By placing needles at key channels of energy, certain organs (including glands) can be stimulated and a person’s qi redirected.
In addition to determining the correct placement of acupuncture needles, expect your acupuncturist to also suggest changes to diet and exercise, as well as the possible use of special herbs or teas to aid in the process of restoring balance to your qi and your endocrine system. Be prepared to allow sufficient time for your endocrine system and hormonal levels to achieve overall balance.
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